Professional processing of the 3D photo-360 sequence in the free Blender program

Instructions for processing a sequence of photos of goods in 3D photo-360 format 

I prepared a customized scene in the free Blender program. In which you can:
  • Make the background around the object absolutely white. 
  • Add the logo of your company. 
  • Make professional color correction. 
  • Optimize the sequence for fast downloading from the Internet. 

Benefits of using Blender:

  1. The program is available for free.
  2. It is installed on all popular operating systems.
  3. Works in the free operating system linux (Scaling your business you do not have to spend money on operating systems and programs for processing photos).
  4. Ability to work with video.
  5. Optimize images to quickly upload photo-360 goods to your website.
The idea is to set up a template for each type of object or lighting scheme and just press the button to start automatic processing of the whole sequence.


As a test sequence, I took a white shoe, which was photographed on a white background. To process such a sequence before the appearance of this lesson was not an easy task :)

The lighting scheme was created using four table lamps from IKEA.


The result of color correction

STEP 1 - Install the free Blender program

link -

a) Open the prepared scene in the Blender program as demonstrated in the video.

b) Import the prepared sequencer with the source code into our scene.

c) Specify the required number of frames, in our sequence there are 100 of them.

d) To display the current frame, press the button on the F12 keyboard or, in the program interface, the Render button

  • To move the canvas, click on the scroll mouse 
  • To scale the canvas, rotate the mouse scroll 
  • During the import of the sequence, to select all the files, press the "A"

STEP 2 - Overlay and positioning of your logo

For training, you can use a prepared logo or immediately use your own. It is desirable to use the logo in png format with transparency.


STEP 3 - Editing the mask to lighten the edges of the frame

This is a gradient mask, from black to green curve there is a smooth transition from transparent to white. Move, edit the black curve and green will repeat your changes in parallel. To change the smoothness of the transition, move or close the green curve from the black one.

STEP 4 - Alignment of a rotating object relative to a frame


Step 5 - Change the size of the photo-360 relative to the proportions of the rendering


STEP 6 - Color Correction Sequence


STEP 7 - Editing levels to adjust the overall contrast of the lighting object


STEP 8 - Replacing the color in the subject


STEP 9 - Fine-tuning the hue


STEP 10 - Fine-tuning the light balance of the shadows


STEP 11 - Saving the processed sequence (render)

Select the desired frame resolution to save the sequence.
The default setting is 1920x1080, you can leave it.
To start the processing, click the Animation button

For one-type objects, the processing parameters are set once and after that you can simply open the same objects in this scene and start the sequence rendering process. In this way, you can save several files that will process their object type.


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