Turntable for photos and video + system for hanging objects. For shooting jewelry. Rotation of products by 360 degrees.

A turntable for a 360-degree 3D photo can be transformed into a suspension system, depending on how to secure the motor.

Rotary table mode

A turntable made of transparent acrylic is placed on the turntable. It serves to facilitate the precise centering of a macro object. The disc moves freely within the center hole.

Above you can install background discs of any color and diameter up to 250 mm.

Can rotate very smoothly and without vibration.

Any unstable object, for example a ring will lie stably without wiggling and vibration.

  • The accuracy of the engine allows you to make 5000 shots with a rotation stop for 1 turn.
  • In the infinite rotation mode, the speed can be adjusted from 1 turn per hour to 5 revolutions per minute.
  • Carrying capacity 1 kg.

In the mode of the suspension system.

In the mode of the suspension system, the motor shaft is securely attached to the aluminum cross.

The engine bracket can be attached to an aluminum frame, a studio crane or a system for attaching a background.

The lower part of the crosspiece has grooves along which you can move the corners to hang the object over the line. In any place they are securely fixed.

An example of shooting a necklace hanging from a fishing line

Control unit

Manage and adjust the rotation parameters can be fully utilized with the help of IR control panel or via WEB-application - http://remote.photopizza.org/ on your phone and desktop.

More information about control settings can be read here - Setting shooting options


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